Build Together – The Breckland Youth Mental Health Project

Cup-O-T: Wellness and Therapy Services had been commissioned by Breckland Council and Breckland Youth Advisory Board to deliver support for young people who are on mental health waiting lists, and their families. The project runs October2021-September 2022 and will work with 50 families in that time.

We will be running the Build Together workshops in the 5 Breckland market towns. As well as online 1-2-1 support sessions and weekly peer support drop ins.

We accept referrals from all organisations that work with young people and/or families.

What does the Build Together programme provide?

The Build Together programme provides 4 months of support for each family. In that time there will be 4 skills workshops, 1-2-1 support sessions and peer support drop ins.


4 activity based workshops that will take place after school on an evening or at the weekend. We are not a fan of sitting down, listening to a slideshow and being given handout sheets! The 4 workshops will be practical and focus on building skills together as a family to manage day-to-day while your young person is waiting for mental health services and intervention. The four sessions are:

  • Listening (and really hearing)
  • Learning (about yourself and others)
  • Understanding (without judging)
  • Supporting (with what actually helps)

The workshops will start with us all together, before separating into two groups – young people and parents/carers – to build our skills. We will all come back together to enjoy a shared meal – e.g pizza.

1-2-1 support

Each family will meet online with one of our Occupational Therapists at the beginning, middle and end of the programme. We will identify with you what your family would like to get from the programme, the current difficulties you are experiencing and set achievable goals with you for where you would like to build your skills. We are then able to tailor the programme to your specific needs as a family.

Peer Support Drop Ins

Peer Support Workers are people with their own lived experience and training to be able to use this experience to support other people. Our Youth and Parent/Carer Peer Support Workers will be available for weekly online drop in sessions. This a space where you can share your experiences as a group – what’s going well, what isn’t, what you’ve found useful from the Build Together skills workshops, what you could do differently in the next week. There will be a group for young people and a group of parent/carers to attend.

Who are the facilitators?

Meet our team who will be running the programme:

Catherine Gray – CEO and Lead Therapist at Cup-O-T.

Catherine is an Occupational Therapist and EMDR Therapist. She loves cats, Harry Potter, the outdoors, bushcraft, foraging and wild swimming.

Catherine will be facilitating the Build Together workshops as well as the 1-2-1 support sessions.

Amber Watson – Occupational Therapist

Amber is an Occupational Therapist. She loves crochet, rock music, Harry Potter and cheese.

Amber will be facilitating the Build Together workshops as well as the 1-2-1 support sessions.

focus photo of super mario luigi and yoshi figurines

Joe – Youth Peer Support Worker

We are interviewing for this post currently!

focus photo of super mario luigi and yoshi figurines

Louise – Parent / Carer Peer Support Worker

We are interviewing for this post currently!

How and who to refer?

Who can refer?

We accept referrals from any organisation that works with young people and / or families, including, but not limited to:

  • Mental health organisations (Statutory and non-statutory/3rd Sector organisations)
  • GP surgeries
  • Schools
  • Community and Third Sector Youth Support Groups
  • Help Hubs, Social Prescribers, Councils, Social Services, Just One Number etc

We do not accept self referrals.

Referral criteria:

  • The young person is aged 11-18 (or up to 25 for those who have a disability);
  • The young person lives in the Breckland area;
  • The young person is currently on a waiting list for mental health services; OR is awaiting treatment from mental health services;
  • OR is not attending school / at risk of not attending school due to their mental health;
  • The young person AND their parents/carers are willing to attend the workshops, 1-2-1 sessions and peer drop in sessions.

We are currently accepting referrals for all families who live in Breckland.

We will run workshops in: Attleborough, Dereham, Swaffham, Thetford and Dereham throughout 2022.

How to refer:

Please complete this online referral form

Share this poster with your school, GP, community group or mental health team and ask for a referral.