On this page you will find worksheets to aid you managing your mental wellness.

There are also resources for Occupational Therapists, healthcare professionals and members of the public who are attending learning events which will aid you in your continued professional development and consolidation of your learning.

Learning Worksheets:

Wellness Worksheets:

Daily Wellness Planner EXAMPLE

Daily Wellness Planner.

This planner sheet is to help organise your day, create balance, and to prompt you to think about and look after your mental health.  This sheet has been made available to download for free to mark World Mental Health Day 2019

Why not print one out and laminate it to use daily with a whiteboard marker. That way you can save trees and look after yourself.

Workplace Wellness – Taking Breaks

This zine will introduce why breaks are so important in the workplace. Not just for you but for the whole organisation. You will find ideas of how best to use you breaks to calm, relax or energise you at work.

Why not print and laminate one for your workplace?

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