Wellness sessions are spa treatments for your mind. These sessions help you to feel good about yourself, build your skills and resilience to day to day challenges.

Sessions will take place in our mobile therapy van or in a clinic space convenient to you.  Refreshments will be provided throughout your experience.  To book or to ask about sessions for more than one person or a group please contact us.


Wellness Sessions: Spa Treatments For Your Mind

Relaxation Treatments – 30 minutes, £30

Indulge in pure relaxation to calm your mind and body and finish with a restorative cup of tea.

  • Breathing calm – Breathing is the key to becoming relaxed, revitalised and your mental wellness restored.  This treatment creates a positive and relaxed emotional state leaving you in control and in tune with your emotions. Your therapist will tailor the session to your current emotional state and guide you through techniques to help you feel re-balanced and re-energised.
  • Guided journey – Sit back, close your eyes and ease your mind as you are transported to stunning landscapes that will refresh your senses and provide deep relaxation. Your therapist will lead you to experience tropical rainforest pools, deserted white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters; and enchanted ancient woodlands. This relaxing treatment will leave you feeling as good as you do after walking through tropical rainfall!
  • Tension release – Feel your stresses melt away as your therapist enables you to focus and relieve your tired muscles where tension is held and bring a sense of calm and deep down muscle relaxation. The desired outcome of this treatment is bringing physical and psychological equilibrium with highly effective, noticeable effects on your mental wellbeing.

Wellness Workshops – 1 hour, £60

Creative workshops to boost your mental wellness, connect with yourself and others.  Available for 1:1 appointments or for groups of 2-6 people. No artistic skills are required!

CupOT-AKPBrandingStories-webres-034Scrapbook for Success – Feel like your spinning too many plates? In this workshop you will explore what areas of your life could do with readjustment and create a personal plan for achieving this balance through visual scrapbooking.  All materials and refreshments are provided.

CupOT-AKPBrandingStories-webres-019Sleep Easy – What keeps you up at night?  Discover how to calm your mind and ease into a peaceful slumber with practical tips and create personal sleep aids like sensory herbal pillow pouches.

CupOT-AKPBrandingStories-webres-047Who am I? – Want to start accepting who you are and work towards the things you want to achieve?  In this workshop you will create a stop motion video that will prompt you to be proud of who you are and what you have, can and will achieve.

CupOT-AKPBrandingStories-webres-033De-Stress Box – Create a go-to-box that’s crammed full of goodies for when you feel stressed and things are getting too much.  In this workshop you will create items that will help manage whatever life throws at you.

Memory Boxes – 1.5 hours, £90

Memories are important, they can remind us of happy occasions and get us through tough times.  This workshop is designed to facilitate remembering events or people so that you can look after your mental wellness.  You will create a box that is jammed full of items that will enable you to visit memories in a positive nurturing way. These boxes are perfect for:

  • Celebrating events such as birthdays, hen dos, weddings
  • Happy memories to visit when you are having a tough day.
  • Strengthen relationships by creating a box together e.g. mother-daughter, friendships, spouses
  • Being able to share stories with a loved one.
  • Remembering following a bereavement.


To book any of these sessions please get in touch.

We currently operate in:

  • South Norfolk
  • Norwich / City
  • Broadland
  • Breckland



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