Wellness sessions are spa treatments for your mind. These sessions help you to feel good about yourself, build your skills and resilience to day to day challenges.

Sessions are an hour long and will take place at a clinic space convenient to you (until we have raised funds to purchase a mobile therapy clinic which can then come to you!).  Refreshments will be provided throughout your experience.  To book contact us.

If you would like to book a session please get in contact to discuss how we can create this personal experience and provide a quote.


Mileage costs.

Locations within the green circle: mileage will be included within the hourly rate.

Locations in the red circle will incur an extra mileage fee of: £5

Locations within the blue circle will incur an extra mileage fee of: £10

If you live outside of the blue circle please get in contact for a mileage fee quote.

Area mileage map

Terms and Conditions:

CupOT Terms and Conditions for Wellness Sessions

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