Cup-O-T: Wellness and Therapy Services provides accessible, creative, evidence based mental health support and training to empower communities, young people and families.

Cup-O-T offers outdoor-based occupational therapy programmes as well as family and community sessions across Norfolk. Our programmes empower young people aged 7-25 and families, who face complex and difficult challenges in their lives. We focus on the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our young people working with them to make lasting changes to their lives and helping them play a positive role in their communities.

Woodland Therapy Groups

Our fully funded woodland therapy sessions and groups are now open for referrals for 7-25 year olds.

For more information and to self refer visit the Campfire Community page

Family Sessions

We’re not a fan of asking you to come along to just sit and listen! Our Build Together workshops offer hands-on practical activities, and focus on building skills together as a family to manage day-to-day, while your young person is waiting for mental health services and intervention.
Open to 11-18 year olds in Breckland.

Community Therapy Group

Our Discovery group is currently running at ASD Helping Hands.

We will be opening referrals to our new Discovery group soon. This group will be for young people aged 11-25 who are being discharged from other mental health services, to support you in the community.

Cup-O-T is a non-profit social enterprise. We rely on funding and donations to run Cup-O-T and provide therapy services to young people and families. There are a number of ways you can support us:


Buy an item of our fair trade cotton Campfire Community clothing

Attend a community workshop:

Check out our Eventbrite page to see what we have going on!

This half term we have some amazing community events running, open to all!

We are proud members of:

My EMDR sessions have really helped to get my PTSD under control. Catherine has worked with me at my pace, never forcing me to go faster than I feel able to progress. She has worked with sensitivity and understands that my trauma is very real and the attacks I have faced are debilitating in the extreme (other therapists and other kinds of therapy have left me questioning myself a lot, EMDR hasn’t). I haven’t had to analyse my issues or dwell on the details I can’t face. Instead I’ve been able to work through and reprocess my feelings which has led to me being able to easily cope during times which would previously have been triggers to an attack. EMDR is one of the best therapies I have encountered and Cup-O-T and Catherine have been simply amazing. Thank you so very much for changing my world.

Helen C

A first class expertise service, which is dynamic, creative and fun.

Mark B