My EMDR sessions have really helped to get my PTSD under control. Catherine has worked with me at my pace, never forcing me to go faster than I feel able to progress. She has worked with sensitivity and understands that my trauma is very real and the attacks I have faced are debilitating in the extreme (other therapists and other kinds of therapy have left me questioning myself a lot, EMDR hasn’t). I haven’t had to analyse my issues or dwell on the details I can’t face. Instead I’ve been able to work through and reprocess my feelings which has led to me being able to easily cope during times which would previously have been triggers to an attack. EMDR is one of the best therapies I have encountered and Cup-O-T and Catherine have been simply amazing. Thank you so very much for changing my world.

Helen C

A first class expertise service, which is dynamic, creative and fun.

Mark B

Catherine has a passion for MH and is committed to making a difference.

Angela S

Catherine has recently attended a role playing event, providing emotional support to the players. I have heard many reports from fellow players that they have valued Catherine’s availability and input during their time of need, which allowed them to continue. Many said that at times they were so low that they were thinking about pulling out of the weekend event but with Catherine’s support, they managed to continue. Catherine also delivered a cool down session at the end of the role play, to help us let go of the characters we’d played so intensively, and became ourselves again. I participated in this fully and they way she delivered this workshop was invaluable. Catherine is a very skilled professional who is able to meet the needs of her clients in the most flexible of ways.

Sammy L

Catherine was the Emotional Support Officer at the event I was working at this last weekend. She worked tirelessly throughout the event to make sure that everyone had a great time. She made everyone, including staff and ticket holders, feel supported throughout an intense weekend, and she was always welcoming and happy to help in any situation. I would definitely use (and recommend) Cup-O-T services for any future events without hesitation!

Catherine M

I run Bothwell School of Witchcraft and we had Catherine volunteer as our emotional support officer at our most recent run. She did a spectacular job of looking after everyone’s mental health, including my own! She dealt with everything from mental disabilities, anxieties in all shapes and sizes to just being there to chat or vent to! She was so incredibly professional and, despite the large number of visits she had throughout the 4 days, every single person left feeling much better and pleased with the care they received. They are long days at Bothwell and Catherine worked so incredibly hard throughout the whole event. I can not recommend her enough!!

Cameron R

Catherine has been the emotional support volunteer at an event I attended recently. She was always accessible, caring, supportive, passionate and helpful and if it weren’t for her, I would have not been able to re-enter the game and a point where I was at a real low and on the verge of dropping out. She gave me the strength and confidence I needed to throw myself back in and I can’t thank her enough for that!This is just one tiny example out of so many players she touched and saved this weekend.Catherine is incredible and I’d highly recommend her a thousandfold!

Sina K