Cup-O-T: Wellness and Therapy Services is a not-for-profit Occupational Therapy practice.  We provide mental health interventions and wellness sessions to young people from the age of 11 years old up and adults in parts of Norfolk.

Our social purpose:

Our aim is to make mental health support accessible at an early stage in rural areas.  Our profits are used to provide discounted therapy, free workshops and events to promote mental resilience in communities.

Our therapy van:

In June 2019 we completed our mobile therapy room van conversion. It has visited a number of events and festivals throughout Norfolk this summer.  The therapy van is a calming space for appointments to take place in a location convenient for you.

Where we work:

Online – all over the world!
In person visits are available in: South Norfolk, Norwich, Breckland and Broadland.
We are hoping to expand to North, East and West Norfolk soon.

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