Van Conversion

Van Update #2 Rear windows!

The transformation begins

After the update of buying our van a couple of months ago I thought it was about time that you received another update!  We have received £1000 of donations now – WOW and THANK YOU! This has meant we can crack on and get going.  This post was written just before Christmas, but as you all know, it’s a busy time of year, so I didn’t get round to posting it, but here it is, and I’ll be posting updates more frequently in 2019.

The van has now been taken off the road so that we can convert it from a plain boring white van into a welcoming therapy room.  Now we have the van it is exciting and daunting.  I’m fortunate that I have a very talented husband, Joe, who is a carpenter and fits the living areas of fancy horseboxes for a living.

The Windows

The first big purchase we have made are the windows.  We want to create a light and airy space that is welcoming and inspires creativity – and the windows are essential to this.  We have decided to put in two rear windows and 2 side windows.  We will also be putting in a skylight.  This is yet to be purchased, but it will add a few extra inches head height above the kitchen area – not that I need it as I’m only just over 5ft 2″!  But my Joe and many of my clients are much taller than this!

The boxes with the windows arrived – I’m not sure what I expected, but they were huge – thanks and apologies to our kind neighbour who takes parcels in for us!


Putting in the first window was a tense experience!  Cutting a hole into our beautiful white van was a scary moment.  But as you can see from the following video it all went swimmingly and they look rather good!

Video: installing the rear windows

Next steps…

We are at the point where the two rear windows are installed, but we needed more adhesive to put the side ones in – so that’s on order and we will wait for some more dry weather until we put the side windows in.

We have now also raised enough funds to buy the roof light and a fridge!  More about those soon once they have arrived.  But until we have dry weather we are going to carry on with insulating the van inside.

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