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EMDR for Children and Adolescents

What is EMDR? EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapy is a very powerful psychotherapy enabling people to process difficult past experiences which still impact their day to day life.  We often hear about EMDR being used for difficulties that adults have faced, but it can also be used incredibly effectively and safely with very… Continue reading EMDR for Children and Adolescents

Health and Wellbeing

10 Top Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Did you know that today, January 3rd, is the Festival of Sleep? We all know that Christmas is far from the most relaxing holiday - and after the year of 2020, rest and relaxation has evaded many people. With the busyness of the festive period along with the stresses of this time of year and… Continue reading 10 Top Tips to Improve Your Sleep

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Fundraising Update!

Have you been wondering how we are doing with the fundraising? Well... after the Love Wymondham Day event last week, where we raised £137, we have reached the £1500 mark. We need £2500 to be able to complete the therapy van conversion, and we have a deadline to get the therapy van on the road… Continue reading Fundraising Update!

Van Conversion

Van Update #3: Spaceship Insulation

The aliens have landed... Ok maybe not aliens, but the shiny silver insulation is here and being added to the inside of the van.  It does have a rather intergalactic quality to it. The insulation will ensure we're snuggly warm in the winter and cool in the summer - especially if we have another blazing… Continue reading Van Update #3: Spaceship Insulation

Van Conversion

Van Update #2 Rear windows!

The transformation begins After the update of buying our van a couple of months ago I thought it was about time that you received another update!  We have received £1000 of donations now - WOW and THANK YOU! This has meant we can crack on and get going.  This post was written just before Christmas,… Continue reading Van Update #2 Rear windows!

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£5 off Wellness sessions- Spa treatments for your mind!

It is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and we are offering £5 off our Wellness Sessions when you book in May and June 2018. These are hour long spa style treatments for your mind. Relax, indulge and boost your mental wellness and resilience. Take a look at our menu below.  If you would like to book a session please… Continue reading £5 off Wellness sessions- Spa treatments for your mind!