Occupational Therapy

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are now offering sessions online & twice weekly Facebook lives.

Join us over on our Cup-O-T Community Facebook group for twice weekly Facebook Lives that offer strategies and discussions on ways to look after your physical and mental health.

We are currently offering 30 minute appointments to manage your mental health, anxiety, stress and routine during the pandemic. These sessions are £20 and can take place on the telephone or as a video-call. We are continuing to offer occupational therapy and EMDR assessments and therapy sessions via video-call.

At Cup-O-T: Wellness and Therapy Services we offer Occupational Therapy appointments for adults and young people aged 11 years old and up.

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a science degree-based, health and social care profession, regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council. Occupational therapy takes a “whole-person approach” to both mental and physical health and wellbeing and enables individuals to achieve their full potential.

Occupational Therapy can help you manage your life and mental wellness in a variety of ways. ‘Occupation’ refers to the things you do day to day. This might be self care activities, work/education or things that you enjoy. 

Occupational Therapy works with you to build skills to enable you to complete the activities of daily living that you need or want to do. It also helps you to adapt the activity or environment that you do it in.Occupational Therapy sessions are very practical and will look at the occupations you do day to day or use new occupations / meaningful activities to build your skills. Sessions are 60 minutes long and all resources will be provided.

“Occupational therapy enables people to achieve health, wellbeing and life satisfaction through participation in occupation.”

Royal College of Occupational Therapists definition 2004

Our Fees:

  • Initial contact telephone/skype consultation (20 minutes): FREE
  • Initial assessment with written report: £120
  • Initial assessment without a report £60
  • Individual Occupational Therapy sessions (60 minutes approximately): £60
  • Couple Occupational Therapy sessions (60 minutes approximately): £90

The locations we currently operate in:

  • South Norfolk
  • Norwich / city
  • Broadland
  • Breckland
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