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Introducing Louise & Peer Support Work

Hello! I wanted to start this blog by telling you all a bit about me. 

My work background is in healthcare and the NHS. I have a degree in Psychology. And I have been volunteering for the charity Homestart since 2016. 

Most importantly I am a mum to two boys aged 9 and 2. Having two children of such different ages means my day is very varied and busy! And I’m hoping to use this space to share some of my everyday life with you. Good and bad! 

I applied for the role as Parent/Carer Peer Support Worker with Cup-O-T as my eldest son has been under CAMHS since he was 5. One of the things I have struggled with is finding parents who share our experiences. 

There’s always parents at the school gate to chat about the ‘joys’ of parenthood. Conversations about swimming lessons or not eating their vegetables. But no one else’s child was having the feelings and exhibiting the behaviours my son was. 

I felt very alone and isolated. And I had no one to talk to. 

Even once he was seen by the GP and Point 1 and then onto CAMHS there was still no one to support me to support him. 

That’s why I applied for this role. I want to use this to support other families. But I also believe that I have a lot to learn from others’ experiences as well. 

Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to do some parenting courses. Through my son’s school or Homestart. Including the Solihull parenting Programme and The Nurtured Hearts Approach. 

However as a mum to two mostly feral, over excitable, wonderfully creative individuals, I have found reward charts and ‘behaviour management’ is much easier on paper than in practice. And what works one day doesn’t always work the next.

One of the most challenging things in my home at the moment is bedtime. My youngest does not like to go to bed. Which was having an effect on my eldest, as we set aside an hour after my youngest’s bedtime for time together. 

 I have done a sleep training course. I know strategies to support bedtime routines and getting children to sleep in their own bed. But it was taking 2-3 hours every night. 

I was tired. My eldest was frustrated. No one was having any fun! One night I gave up and let my youngest lay on my lap while I watched tv. He fell asleep in 5 minutes! 

So currently that is our bedtime routine. He lays on my lap and is usually asleep within 20 minutes. Freeing me up for time with my eldest. 

Sometimes it’s just about what’s best for the moment.

There are a few things that we have found work for our family and I’d really like for this blog and the drop ins to be somewhere where we can share ideas and techniques. Quite often I’ve found ideas from other parents are the most helpful.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. And if you have a blog of your own or anything you’d like to share with me and the other parents/carers please email me. I can post things anonymously or you can just suggest a topic to me and I can focus a blog on that.


Parent/Carer Peer Support Worker

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